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March Reading!

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Hello loveys! How’s March going for you? It’s been busy over here. Spring break, freelance projects, kids’ activities, trips to the library, etc. But I’ve managed to squeeze in a few good books. I’m currently speeding through Carla Laureano’s Saturday Night Supper Club and loving it, and I had signed up to read Dear Mr. Knightley with some online reader friends starting April first so that’s around the corner.

34848682So for March reading, I read The Woman in the Window. My sis Sara recommended it, so I knew it would be good and it was. This book is like blending together The Girl on the Train and the movie The Rear Window. It’s definitely borrowing from both of those (in the case of the second, the main girl is even a black-and-white movie addict and mentions The Rear Window along with lots of other suspense/thriller/noir movies). But it has plenty of unique aspects to the story and kept me guessing until the very end. I read this one in two days because I couldn’t stop.

Next, I finished True to You by Becky Wade. I’ll be honest and say this was my first Becky Wade book. I’ve seen her books everywhere online (she’s a popular inspirational romance writer), and have only heard good things about all her books. So I started with this one and really enjoyed it! Just when I thought everything was peachy-keen for the hero and heroine and we were going to spend lots of chapters just going on dates with the couple, the author threw in a completely unexpected twist, grabbing my attention again. I love when writers surprise me. I’m a sucker for happy TruetoYou_mck.inddendings (though I’m okay if not everything’s wrapped up perfectly, but if I’m left feeling sad, it wasn’t a good read for me), but one thing I really appreciate in fiction is unpredictable storytelling. If I can tell from page one where we’re going, I’m more likely to start skimming. So the fact that she wove in a great twist made me love the story. Not to mention the heroine is a mega-fan of this British TV series that sounds a lot like Downton Abbey. Loved that. (Not to mention the cover is gorgeous!)

On to the supper club book. Since I love food themes in books and movies, this is a good choice for me. Right away I felt like watching the movie Burnt again. Have you seen that one? About a chef–or two chefs? Yes. Good idea. Let’s take a moment and recommend movies that incorporate food. Tortilla Soup is one of my favorites. Also, No Reservations. Also, Julie and Julia. That’s a good start. Also, The Hundred-Foot Journey is wonderful. What was that you were saying? Let’s come back to this further when I review the book? Okay.

Guys, speaking of movies/TV, there’s a new development in my life. One night the Jeffster and I were flipping through Netflix, looking for something to watch because we’d finished The Last Kingdom and were having withdrawals. After searching for hours (because that’s what ends up happening with Netflix), I just randomly clicked on The Originals. And now I follow all the characters on Instagram and I’m obsessed with the show. (I come to these things late, I know.) The last season starts in April and I’m trying to catch up quick. Jeff and I will start watching one episode after the kids go to bed, and then it’s one a.m. before we can turn it off. We’re so hooked and it’s so fun and I’ll be sad when it’s over! So if you like the Originals, sound off below and share the obsession. Or if you’ve watched Vampire Diaries (I haven’t but I know they’re connected. As I said–late to this party). Guys, what do you watch on Netflix? Any recommendations?

So we’ve made it to the end of March (today is actually my sister Sara’s birthday! Happy birthday, sis!). On to April reading, guys! What will you be reading (or watching!) next month?