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February is ALL THE LOVE (giveaway!)

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IMG_0197.jpgCan you believe it’s already February!? It’s a busy month at my house. Valentine’s Day and the Daddy/Daughter Ball and our anniversary–PLUS my little sister is having her first baby and the whole family is so excited. I truly love Valentine’s Day. We don’t go too crazy over here, but chocolate is a MUST and there are cards and usually some stuffed animals and the kids love all of it.

One thing I always think of around this time of the year is my novel Looks Like Love. Maybe because the cover is pink and white. Maybe because it’s a story of a girl seeking out adventure, and stumbling across a little romance along the way. It’s a novel that digs into the question What does love look like?  The main character, Kasey, has been dumped by her long-time boyfriend, so she heads off to visit her best friend, who just happens to be British. London is calling! So Kasey embarks on a trip of self-discovery, a touch of romance, and a lot of fun. When she gets back, things at work get crazy. The advertising firm where she works has finally landed LETA, a cosmetics company branching out with their first fragrance, called Love. Kasey’s tasked with finding out what love looks like, and then finding a way to sell it. From double-decker tour buses to glamorous galas–you’ll want to join Kasey on her journey to find out the truth about love.

The picture above includes a little “Book of Days.” I dug that out this morning when working on an Instagram photo post. This is one of my treasures. It’s the journal I filled out on my Europe trip, way back in college. I’m so thankful I wrote down even snippets of every day I was there. It was a trip of a lifetime and that little book helps me remember the details. The month I spent in Europe was the inspiration behind Looks Like Love. The places that Kasey visits–such as Westminster Abbey, Stonehenge, Bath, and more–are places I went to on my tour and that were stamped on my heart forever. The last week of the month was spent in Paris and Rome and Florence with my dad. The next year I would get married, so those days of just the two of us were extra special. (Though, I will say that admiring the Statue of David with your dad is an interesting experience! Ha! But we made it through and had an amazing time, from exploring Paris, to traveling via train in a sleeper car on our way to Rome (two little grannies shared our cabin!), to dinner in Florence. Those are moments I cherish.)

So, in some ways, Looks Like Love is imprinted with the heart memories of that trip. It’s one of my favorites and I hope you’ll check it out. Hop over to Amazon and read the first chapter!

The fun of Valentine’s isn’t just romance, and that’s part of what I love about the book. (Though romance is wonderful of course!) It’s exploring the many ways we see love in our lives–family and friends and so much more. Being loved by the people closest to us, and loving them well in return, makes all the difference.


I thought I would do a little giveaway as my Happy Hearts Day gift to you! I’m offering one free Kindle e-book download for Looks Like Love. All you have to do is leave a comment (click on the rafflecopter link) telling us a vacation spot that’s on your bucket list, and for an extra ticket (not required), hop over and like my Facebook page . Since I want you to have this before Valentine’s Day, the raffle will run until February 9th. So spread the news, grab some white chocolate (Kasey’s favorite), maybe a little pink champagne, click on the link below, and get ready!

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Merry Christmas!

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Hi everyone! So it’s no secret that I adore Christmas. It’s my favorite time of year. And now that we’ve crossed the threshold into December, we’re in full Christmas swing! So I’m doing a giveaway on my other blog and I hope you’ll hop over and enter to win! (Being as how this is my giveaway, it’s highly likely a book will be involved! 🙂

So click on over to and leave a comment to throw your name in the Christmas hat!

Speaking of Christmas and books, don’t you just love all the holiday novellas out there right now? Every time I’m at the library, I just want to check out all the books on the Christmas display. Then I remember I barely have time to read A Berenstain Bear’s Old-Fashioned Christmas! 🙂 Seriously, I always make time to read a Christmas novella every year. I love stories about the magic of Christmas. What about you?

Giveaway! Just in time for Mother’s Day!

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I’m super excited to do a giveaway! The giveaway is posted on this blog and over on my other blog A Little Bit of BrandyJerry S. Eicher is the author of numerous Amish fiction novels and he’s been nice enough to provide two books for me to do a giveaway! Yay! You could win the first two books in the Fields of Home series. If you like Amish fiction, you will love these beautiful stories. Or this would also be a wonderful Mother’s Day or birthday gift for any moms, grandmas, sisters, or daughters! All you have to do is post a comment on this site and you’re entered! If you’re entering on the other site, you just have to follow the site with GFC and post a comment.

Book One is Missing Your Smile 

Here’s the summary: When Susan Hostetler has a falling out with her boyfriend, Thomas Stoll, she leaves her Amish community and moves to Asbury Park to experiment in English life. There she learns to drive a car, takes her GED test, and falls in love with young and handsome Duane Bower. Back home, her parents are devastated and miss their daughter terribly. But what can they do? Susan has a mind of her own. Just as Susan is enjoying her new life, her plans are interrupted. She meets Teresa Long, a young, unwed, expectant mother who asks Susan to help her have her baby adopted by an Amish family. As Susan is drawn into the young woman’s life, she also finds herself drawn back to her Amish roots. But can she truly leave her life behind…and Duane?

Book Two is Following Your Heart

Here’s the summary: When Susan Hostetler, returns to her Amish community, she brings trouble with her in the form of her English friend, Teresa Long, and Teresa’s newborn son. Teresa has come in hopes of settling with the Amish people. But Deacon Ray gets wind of the situation and forbids the unwed mother from attending the church services, fearing she will pollute the young people of the community. Still, soon Teresa has two suitors among the Amish. With two Amish men interested in her, Teresa has a decision to make…and so does Susan. Will Susan do what’s expected of her or will she follow her heart?

You could win the first two books of this fantastic series! Free books, people! Hurry up and leave a comment! 🙂