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IMG_4260.JPGThere are two great loves of my life. Well . . . okay, three: Jesus, family, and books. I fell in love with reading when a short, Hispanic woman used to read me the classics, such as The Pokey Little Puppy and Good Night, Little Bear. (She was my mother.) My love for books never left me. So when I went to Liberty University it seemed only natural that I’d choose a major where I had to read scores of books, write dozens of research papers, take classes such as creative writing and southern fiction, and complete an internship with a publishing house.

Once I graduated with my BA in English and married the one person I could never get enough of, I was lucky enough to start working as a developmental editor for a publishing house–reading, writing, editing, working with authors, trying to keep up with deadlines, and making good use of online dictionaries. After a decade of working for a traditional publisher, I had my third baby and decided to transition to freelance work. Along with being an editor, I’m the author of After the RainLooks Like Love, The Romano Family Collection (a trio of foodie novels), and the award-winning novel The Last Summer.

My husband and I make our home in Virginia, where we live with our beautiful daughter, Ashtyn Noel, our adorable son, Lincoln Everett, and our sweet little Lillian Paisley. When I’m not editing manuscripts or writing novels, I love traveling, watching movies with Jeff, baking any kind of cheesecake, browsing bookstores, reading, and keeping up with friends.

I love reading and reviewing novels, if you’d like me to post a review for a book you’ve written or if you’re looking for a freelance copyeditor, substantive editor, or proofer, send me an email at

Thanks for stopping by!

*2017 Bookvana Award for Chick lit/Womens Lit


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  1. It’s wonderful. Keep writing!

  2. Your writing refreshes me. We must bake cheesecake together in the future.

  3. Fun..cheesecake I can’t forget that.
    Keep writting nice!

  4. You left out your awesome sister-in-law and your neice and nephew who talk non-stop, or did you forget our trip up Pike’s Peak? haha

  5. Carol Davies (formerly Burger)

    Hey, Brandy!

    I am so impressed with your blog. If you do write a book, please keep me in the “know.”

  6. I found you when I did a search for Martha Krienke, I guess I have a wrong e-mail address. I too love Jesus, family and books!
    I want to get published! I guess many wanna be writers do!
    I don’t have a college degree but what I do have is experience! I am a 42 year old mother of five. I have been a Christian for 25 years. I tried to send Ms. Krienke an article I wrote, non-fiction about some things I went through as a “Christian” teen dating while trying to maintain my purity….

  7. You have a beautiful blog.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


  8. I was drawn to your website, and now I think I know why. : ) I am a new student at Liberty University (I start classes 8/23)!

    That’s one thing we have in common: The love of books is another!

    I am just starting to pay attention to something that God has been trying to get my attention with for a long time . . . writing. While I love to write, I have never really believed in myself as a writer.

    I am so glad I found your website/blog. I am excited to get to know you!

    Can you answer a question? What classes do you recommend at LU for a “new writer.” ; )


  9. That short Hispanic just left my room from reading “Duck on a Bike” : ) Love reading your blog my dear! It is most enthralling!

  10. I love reading your blogs, and I also love to read. As well as reading I love to write. I feel like God is leading me to write a book, but I don’t quite know where to start. I would love to hear from you, or maybe if anyone else know any information, I would be so grateful.

    • Hi Kay! Just as an FYI, writer’s conferences can be a great place to make contacts and learn more about the publishing industry. You might consider finding one in your area. Also, you can learn how to create a good book proposal online or through publishing books. Once you’ve got a solid proposal, you might send it out to agents and see what kind of feedback you get. Also, writers groups/clubs can also have good information and offer critiques. Check at your local library or bookstore to find out whether there are groups in your area! Hope that’s helpful!

  11. Veronica G. Perez

    Thanks for sharing. Hello to your mom.


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