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Summer’s Coming! Try a Book Club!

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It’s almost book club time over here. I’m trying to get through The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown by Tuesday. This kind of nonfiction is always a slower read for me, but I’ve actually been on a WWII kick lately and this story’s timeline pretty much fits into that (the tag line reads ‘Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics’). I watched The Zookeeper’s Wife recently and loved it so much. Then I watched pieces of Schindler’s List again. Then Casablanca was on TV the other night, one of my favorite movies of all time.

For my reader friends out there, does anyone recommend reading The Guernsey and Potato Peel Pie Society? The movie looks wonderful (could just be the Downton Abbey fan in me, seeing Lily James), and I’ve been wondering about the book. My TBR list is a little overwhelming but I might squeeze that one in soon.

I’ve been thinking about book club nights over here. I feel so ready to sit out on the deck, under twinkle lights, and talk about books over appetizers and wine. That’s tricky here in Colorado where we’re supposed to have snow tomorrow (during the church spring tea! Oh dear). But summer nights are coming, and for me, a summer book club is just the perfect thing. One of my favorite summer book clubs ever was when a group of girlfriends and I read Eight Hundred Grapes over the course of a month or two, then all got together and had wine and cheese and snacks and talked about the book. Or there was the year some girls and I read Outlander and talked about the book over chocolate and cheese fondue, under twinkle lights on my deck. So. Much. Fun!

Are you part of a book club? I’m part of a local one and regardless of whether we rave about the book we read or dissect it completely, there’s something so fun about getting together with friends to talk about it. Sitting at Starbucks and sipping a latte, or around the fire pit at Marina’s house and eating brownies, or on Tara’s gorgeous deck with an incredible view of the mountains–the topic starts around the book and can lead to anywhere.

If you’re not part of a book club, just ask a few friends to read a book together over summer and get together to chat about it. Last summer some friends and I read From Sand and Ash and then got together at my friend Krista’s to chat about it. A delicious cheese board and mixed drinks and a lovely summer night made this altogether perfect.

All you need for a fabulous summer-night book club are some reader friends, snacks, and a book to discuss. (Twinkle lights are optional but highly recommended. And when in doubt, chips and salsa are always a good idea.) And getting together at a restaurant is just as much fun if everyone needs a night out rather than a night in.

For any book club readers out there who might want to do a summer book club and read The Last Summer, you can email me at for discussion questions for your group. One more suggestion might be to go through The Romano Family Collection for a summer book club. This collection is made up of three short novels. Choose one and then get together for a one night book-and-supper club combo. Have a potluck dinner and chat about the book. (And here’s a link to bookbub’s top picks for summer book clubs this year:

As summer gets closer, I inevitably start thinking of book club nights, delicious appetizers, and who might be up for a thrown-together party of reader friends. If your schedule is just too jam-packed for reading, do the party anyway! Tell everyone to come ready to share about one book that rocked their world (this could even be a book you read when you were a child).

Warm summer night.

Good friends.

Good food.

Yummy drinks.


You can’t lose. 🙂



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