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Katie Opens Her Heart by Jerry Eicher (and a bonus book!)

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Hi everyone! Well, I’ve got two books to chat about and recommend. First is Katie Opens Her Heart by Jerry Eicher. You all know that I’m an Amish fiction fan and a Jerry Eicher fan. I was super excited to receive these books from the publisher! Katie Opens Her Heart is a quick, easy read. I enjoyed it but I have to say I liked the Fields of Home series a little more. The characters in that series just seemed more likeable to me. I am, however, interested to continue with the series and see where the author takes the rest of the story.Katie Opens Her Heart

The second book is nonfiction, by Jerry Eicher, My Amish Childhood. I’d recommend this for anyone who’s intrigued and fascinated by the Amish culture, and of course, for all those readers who like Jerry Eicher!

My Amish Childhood


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