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Tempest by Julie Cross

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So yesterday I finally finished Tempest by Julie Cross. I remember seeing this in Barnes and Noble and thinking it looked cool. So when I saw it on the shelf at our library, I grabbed it. This is a time-travel story (feels a lot like the movie Jumper). We’ve got our main character Jackson, who can time-travel, his brainiac best friend Adam, and Holly the girlfriend. To be honest, I wasn’t absolutely crazy about this book, however I did find the end to be great. I was worried it was going to be predictable and I was pleasantly surprised that the author didn’t take the easy way out (I hate when authors do that). But for me, I never really connected with the characters. I thought the idea of time-travel in a YA book was really cool, and the plot was interesting. But as for Jackson and Holly, they never clicked for me, which is sort of important since they are the main characters. But I could totally see how someone else might read it and just love it. Like I said, the end sort of redeemed it for me, but by that time I’d felt kind of frustrated with the characters. Holly is sort of confusing. She’s really sweet and sort of ordinary and comes across like she’s supposed to be shy–but then she’s the one initiating everything with Jackson, kissing him (and insisting on more), calling him and emailing him, and always forgiving him immediately when he’s a jerk because she’s just so in love with him that it must be okay that he’s a jerk. So she’s not really shy. I just found her character qualities to be confusing. Jackson can be a jerk to her sometimes, so I wasn’t crazy about that. Granted, he does a 180 by the end of the book and is ready to jump into marriage with both feet despite the fact that he knows his life is about to get crazy and Holly will be endangered (but he makes the wiser choice in the end and shows more maturity). I just felt like some of it was implausible (of course, I know this is science fiction) but it seemed like all the CIA agents and Jackson’s dad were just bending to whatever he wanted all the time, which did not fit. He’s a kid and they’ve been working in this area for years. His dad, who apparently is an agent with serious skills, is always giving into Jackson. And we already know that Holly is always giving in to him.

There were some unexpected twists and turns that were good. And Adam was a great supporting character. Jackson shows a lot of character development, which I appreciated. But this one was so-so for me. Still, if you like time-travel books, you’d probably really like it.


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