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The Fallen by Thomas Sniegoski

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 So, I’ve just finished reading book 1 in The Fallen series and I have to say that it’s pretty cool. Aaron is just about to turn 18; he’s a boy who’s spent his whole life in foster care and finally settled with a great foster family. But he turns 18 and weird stuff starts happening. He can hear any language and understand it. Things start to unravel quickly. Aaron learns that he’s a Nephilim–the child of a human mother and an angel. That the Powers are out to kill all of his kind and that he might just be the One so many have been waiting for. Like I said, I’ve only read book one, so I’m not sure how the series plays out. I really enjoyed this book–but there are a couple of things I could mention. Like the fact that Aaron can supposedly forgive sins. This is all make-believe, of course. But that just felt a little extreme to me. Going a little too far. Also, he can understand any language–including his dog’s language. So there are lots of conversations with his dog. While some of this is funny (dog saying, “Want to play ball.”), some of it was a little silly. But I’m thinking the dog has an important role to play in the following books, so maybe it’s necessary to get to know him like this. Aaron is a good character–strong, determined, not annoying. The spiritual aspect of the book is interesting–the idea of fallen angels wanting to reunite with God, and such. I’m thinking there was a TV movie made about the book, but I haven’t seen it. Overall opinion–I liked it. Haven’t decided if I’m going to keep on with the rest of the series yet.


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