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Soul Screamers by Rachel Vincent

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 So, Soul Screamers was a Christmas present from my husband, Jeff. I’d never heard of the series before, so it was new to me. I just finished it last night. Actually, this book is Volume 1 and is made up of the first three books: My Soul to Lose, My Soul to Take, and My Soul to Save. First, isn’t the cover gorgeous? I love it. Moving on, we meet the main character, Kaylee, and learn right away that there’s something pretty weird about this girl. Eventually, Kaylee (and the reader) realize that she’s a banshee (they spell it differently in the book but that way is hard to remember so it’s easier to just spell it the way we all recognize it). Basically, Kaylee screams when someone near her is about to die. What she doesn’t realize is that even though to most people it sounds like a bloody-murder wail, it’s really a song and because she’s a banshee, she can do some pretty interesting stuff she didn’t realize. I really enjoyed these stories. This paranormal twist was unique from what’s already out there and that was refreshing. The only thing that wasn’t unique was Kaylee’s obsession over her boyfriend (actually, he doesn’t start out as her boyfriend, but they end up there pretty fast). The boyfriend, Nash, comes across as rather flawless. Even though as the stories get deeper, you realize that he’s always going along with whatever dangerous, crazy thing Kaylee wants to do. So that’s sort of a flaw even though he’s usually doing it to protect her, but it would be nice to see him actually take a stand about something. I actually found the romance/obsessing parts a little distracting from the very cool parts of this unique series. You’ve got creepy characters, powerful characters, trips to the Netherworld–lots of interesting stuff going on, but every few pages we slip back into Kaylee obsessing about Nash, or Nash and Kaylee making out or something. From what I’ve read on Amazon, it looks like Nash’s ex-girlfriend shows up in book 4 and causes some trouble, so that might be interesting. Less making out, more drama and storyline, I hope. I’m hoping their relationship gets a little less predictable. I will say that I’m interested enough in this series and these characters to keep reading, so that’s a good thing. Be prepared for some creepy aspects though! But that’s part of what makes this series so interesting.


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