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Breaking Dawn-Part 1 review

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So, Jeff and I went to see Breaking Dawn-Part 1 Saturday night. I so appreciate that even if Jeff isn’t really into the whole Twilight Saga-love thing, he’s sweet enough to want to take me to see it and to be romantic the whole time. 🙂 Even when there are super annoying people talking in the movie theater. (I absolutely can’t stand it when people whisper constantly during movies. I tried to give them dagger looks but it didn’t register.) 

Anyway, I digress. Let’s get back to the movie. Okay, so, overall opinion: I liked it. There were a couple of things I wasn’t crazy about and a couple of things that I thought were great. Starting off, the wedding is gorgeous and really sweet. There’s some comic-relief going on with all the wedding toasts and that was cute. I felt like the beginning was really emotional–at least for me. Maybe it’s just because I can remember that last night in my old room before I got married. I thought the movie did a great job of capturing all the anxiety and anticipation Bella experiences before and after the wedding. Then we move on to the honeymoon.

I really thought this part lasted too long. Okay, it’s sweet and they’re married and it’s romantic–great. But it felt like a really long scene (multiple scenes) and I was ready to move on to some action. Plus, when Bella and Edward are standing in the ocean, I kept thinking about the interview I read explaining that they were tied down to boxes in the water and they just couldn’t be still, and I wanted to laugh. The first part of the honeymoon just felt long and drawn out to me, and a little too much for a movie that tons of young girls want to see. That’s what I thought anyway. There were some really young girls at the showing we went to.

Bella realizing she’s pregnant is intense and I was glad that the pace picked up somewhat after that happened. In fact, Bella’s pregnancy is intense the whole way through. Wow, Kristen Stewart really went through a transformation–Bella looked so gaunt, emaciated–at the same time huge. It was extreme. There is one scene where Edward realizes he can hear their unborn child’s thoughts, and he has this connection with the baby. He finally shows some understanding that this is kind of a miracle and really special for Bella and himself. That’s a super sweet scene.

There’s also a really emotional scene where Bella’s talking on the phone to her dad. This movie had so many heavy, emotional scenes. I already know that when I watch the DVD, there will be lots of places I skip over because no one wants to feel like crying over and over.

I was glad they added in some action–fighting scenes with the wolves. That really helped the pace and added some excitement. The birth scene just keeps up the intensity. Here’s one aspect I was surprised I liked! The whole imprinting thing (which I did not like in the book at all). They made this scene less weird and creepy than I felt it came across in the book. I think it’s because Jacob gets glimpses of Renesmee grown up, so it’s not just him falling in love with an infant. That made that scene work.

Ending with Bella’s red eyes opening was really cool and a great way to make everyone excited for the next movie. Also, Sara had told me to stay after the credits to see an extra scene, so I saw the extra clip. Which was a little confusing to me. I’m not sure exactly what Aro was talking about. But it also made me interested to see the next movie. Overall, the marriage is so romantic and sweet, and the pregnancy and birth are so intense–add in some wolves fighting and you’ve got a great movie. Oh! One more thing, the music was really good. I was so glad they brought back the Iron and Wine song from the first movie. Very cool. 🙂


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  1. Oh yes… I am one of those people who whisper in the movies :)- I am alwasy lost and have to ask mark..”what is going on?… what did they say…” LOL…. annoying


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