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What happened to Spring? (and thoughts about Rob Bell’s book Love Wins)

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So this is what I’m seeing outside my window right now. Um, people, it’s May 12th, if you’ve forgotten. This is crazy! This is Colorado. That’s all I can say. I feel like I should be trimming a Christmas tree or something. The snow is still coming down as I type this. Just a few days ago we were all beyond excited that we could finally wear sandals. The weather was warm and gorgeous, but as usual, it was just a tease. The blizzard was on its way.

Sigh. Okay. On to other things. Like books! So I just recently finished reading If I Stay, which was really good. Kind of a tearjerker though. But somehow the author managed to make it a cry-worthy book while not making it a sad, depressing book. I really liked it. And I’m currently reading Fang by James Patterson. But I’ve just started it so we’ll see how that one goes. Reading all these YA books has been helping me as I’m working on the edit for Sara’s (and my) book.

Oh! I’ve also just finished reading Love Wins by Rob Bell. You know, it’s that book that’s been surrounded by controversy since it came out and now everyone thinks Rob Bell’s a universalist and yada yada yada? That’s the one. I’m still trying to decide how I feel about his message (which, personally, to me comes across as positive but vague. So I finished the book, feeling like I really liked it–then I stopped and thought, Um, okay, what does he believe about hell again? Not sure. I had to start reading it again.) So I’m going through it a second time. I know there were definitely sections that I related to. There were also things that I felt weren’t developed enough. In some ways, I thought it seemed like he was saying that we all go to heaven but if we haven’t changed into the Christlike people we’re supposed to be, then it’ll be hell for us. Like his example of the prodigal son’s brother, who was at the party but not enjoying it. But honestly, for me, that’s not good enough for someone like, say, Hitler. Without some sort of hell, I guess I don’t feel like there’s justice. So many people don’t get justice on Earth–child molesters go free, murderers are never convicted, and so on. So, when I think of hell, I think of justice. But what I was challenged to think about was my own idea of what hell must be. And maybe that’s not entirely accurate. And maybe there is still hope for people who have died. Maybe hell doesn’t have to be forever. Bell’s question about a 15-year-old atheist being punished forever in hell–for not accepting Christ during the few years he’d passed the age of accountability–well, that’s a good question. Is that justice? Here’s something else I started to wonder about: How can God be just but unfair? I think I realized that much of what happens after death is still more of a mystery. We can make assumptions based on interpretation of Scripture, but they are still just assumptions. So overall, reading Love Wins challenged me to think about some things. And in some ways, it really encouraged me. It’s a very hopeful book, and Bell’s writing style is great (at least, I think so). So I would recommend it. Even if just to spark discussion and cause people to think about their own belief systems and where those have come from.

Well, people, it’s still snowing. Looks like a winter wonderland kind of day. I think it’s time for some hot chocolate. 🙂


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  1. youll soon be in Va with abnormal amounts of rain. haha. wish i could be with you already! i love and miss youu, all this talk about reading…time for some scrapbooking! yayyy:)


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