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Dear Santa

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Here’s the truth about me, I can’t remember ever believing in Santa. Before all you believers out there prepare to throw marshmallows at me, hold on! I’m a huge believer in the spirit of Christmas and I do believe Santa is a super special part of the Christmas season. But for my childhood experience, he wasn’t a pivotal part of the holiday. I can’t remember writing letters to Santa–maybe I did (I definitely wrote letters to “Santa” as in my Aunt Stacey and my grandmother Mimi 😉 )

Jeff, however, did believe in Santa as a child. We’re not sure yet if we want Ash to believe in Santa or not. I don’t really think it’s a big deal either way, and if she wants to believe in Santa–that’s okay with me. What I don’t want is for the entire season of the holidays to be about one thing: getting presents. Even though it’s maybe the funnest part and that’s okay. I love buying gifts and giving gifts and getting gifts.

But when I think about Christmas as a child–I remember loving the season as a whole. I remember my mom making a big deal out of us watching Christmas movies together. She’d set me and Sara in front of the TV with a tray of hot chocolate and marshmallows and we’d watch The Night They Saved Christmas. I can always remember my mom playing Christmas music around the house (specifically Amy Grant’s Home for Christmas). We had a special Christmas calendar where Sara and I could mark the days as we got closer to Christmas. Some years my mom and dad took us to the Nutcracker ballet in Houston. There was always a Christmas pageant at church/school. My mom would make wassail (like apple cider) for us to drink and we’d wrap presents together. Decorating the house was special. We had a little Hallmark village set based on the movie Sarah, Plain and Tall and a beautiful Nativity set that Sara and I would set out. Usually we’d drive to Lufkin to spend Christmas with my grandmother and great-grandmother and my aunt and uncles. This was always so fun. My grandmother had a beautiful big house perfect for playing in and a huge den where the Christmas tree and presents were stationed. Just being there at Mimi’s with my mom and dad and Sara and the rest of our family was what made Christmas Christmas. To me, all those priceless memories are what Christmas is all about.

There’s nothing wrong with Santa. Truly, I love all the movies about Santa and all that fun stuff. But of course, the real magic of Christmas is the little baby in the manger. And isn’t there something so beautiful about Christmas carols like Silent Night and Joy to the World? Christmastime is just something extraordinary.

What about you? What makes Christmas special to you? Did you/ Do you believe in Santa?


About Brandy

Brandy Bruce is an award-winning author, editor, wife, mother, and someone who really loves dessert. She has a BA in English from Liberty University. She currently works as a freelance editor--reading, writing, editing, and making good use of online dictionaries. She's married to Jeff and has three beautiful children.

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  1. We did believe in santa at our house while growing up. I’m not much into that now, though. It’s become too commercialized in my opinion. For me, it’s all about celebrating Jesus’ birthday and being with friends/family. We don’t do a ton of gifts–just kinda hang out together, go look at lights around the city and that’s about it. 🙂 I’m so boring, I know. LOL.

  2. You sound like you have a wonderful life! Well written article! Keep up the good work and have a great Christmas!

  3. I love your article! I had to comment because at my house the saying always went, “Jesus is the reason for the season, but santa is something fun that we do!” We always had designated areas at my house, my grandparents had the piano, mom and dad had the couch and Griff and I had our own chairs, where “santa” left us presents. My parents would go out of their way to play santa and make it fun for us. One Christmas we opened the front door and on the porch was santas and rudolfs footprints(using powdered sugar to look like snow there was an outline of the feet and hooves)We knew deep down that santa was just something fun to do for the holidays that we could play along with, but Jesus was always the reason for the season.

  4. I don’t think i ever believed in Santa either. But I do enjoy Christmas time always and have great memories of all the excitement from when i was younger. Although I am not that much older haha : ) Ashtyn will be the cutest Brumble by far to open presents on Christmas Day, I know that for sure! She’s precious, and if she believes or not it’s a fun part of everyone’s childhood memories!

    • When we had you, it was like remembering all over again how fun Christmas is for children! I feel that way with Ash now. It’s just so fun to have a child around at Christmas. Everything is extra special. I am going to miss you so much this year!!

  5. Santa’s not real??? When did this happen?:)

    I remember driving through the streets of Kingwood at night, looking at the Christmas lights with a breathless wonder. It was such a special time when we were finally able to pull out our stockings! Such wonderful memories warm my heart and bring a smile to my face even after all of these years. Laura, I think of you at Christmastime and I picture peanut butter dough on the counter, most of it going into our mouths instead of the oven! I can’t wait for Ash to experience the same moments of joy!

    • Oh I remember looking at Christmas lights in Stacey’s neighborhood too! So fun and magical! And pulling out our stockings . . . well, I DO remember always feeling frustrated we had to wait till forever! Part of the memories. 🙂

  6. I never believed either! And, like you, we can’t decide what to do about santa in our house. I’m fine with Emma believing, but I have also heard horror stories about kids finding out the truth and then being angry at their parents for lying to them. I like April’s comment, because I want Emma to experience some of the fun of santa, but still not perceive me as lying to her. When she gets older I want to talk about the history of the santa lore and how St Nicholas gave to the poor and we should embrace that as part of the spirit of Christmas.

    • I know. I don’t want Ash to miss out on the fun, but I don’t ever want her to be devastated that he’s not real. Seems like a better idea to just incorporate Santa in fun ways, while keeping the focus on Jesus.

  7. I believed in Santa for a while. I love buying people silly little things, a book that means something, a cat pin. In the last three years I’ve gone to charities, my parents get something little to open and (last year) cards from world vision, this year a donation to WWF (which includes a stuff toy and certificate of the animal they’re sponsoring) great for the young or young at heart. next year I want to go local. Find what’s right for you, do it so you enjoy it and it makes you feel good. Nice to meet you.

  8. Brandy I loved the blog you wrote, I hope that Ashtyn will believe in Santa, I know that Jeffery really loved those times. He would be so excited when he woke up to find all his Star Wars stuff, he was so cute. I hope he gets to see how Ashtyn reacts to Santa. I love you, Gloria.


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