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25 Christmas movies

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Okay, so you know how there’s the “25 Days of Christmas” movie marathon on TV in December? Can I just tell you that brings such joy to my heart? 🙂 Seriously! I am a Christmas movie addict so as soon as a few snow flutters fall and Starbucks starts selling pumpkin-spice lattes–I’m diving into Christmas movie land. (I’m also sort of a cleaning-house procrastinator, which is why I’m writing this post instead of mopping the floor.) Okay, so for all you holiday-movie lovers out there, what’s on your must-see list? Let me share with you my “25 Days of Christmas” list.

1. The Night They Saved Christmas (all time fav, by the way.)

2. It’s a Wonderful Life

3. Frosty the Snowman

4. Mickey’s Christmas Carol

5. One Magic Christmas

6. Christmas in Connecticut

7. Home Alone

8. White Christmas

9. Miracle on 34th Street.

10. Dr. Seuss’  How The Grinch Stole Christmas (cartoon version)

 11. Love Actually

12. An American Girl Holiday

13. The Santa Clause

14. Elf

15. A Charlie Brown Christmas

16. The Holiday

17. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

18. The Christmas Gift

19. One Special Night

20. Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus

21. A Season for Miracles

22. Holiday in Handcuffs

23. Little House on the Prairie Christmas

24. Borrowed Hearts

25. The Nativity Story

(Honorable mention: Last Holiday, The Christmas Box, Santa Baby, Holiday Inn, The Bells of St. Mary’s, The Preacher’s Wife, Holiday Affair, A Christmas Story, Christmas with the Kranks)

Well, that’s my list.  Doesn’t it make you want to pour a cup of hot chocolate and turn on a holiday movie? We may just do that over here tonight. Sara and Nemo are on their way over, and I know Sara’s always up for some Christmas cheer (even if it’s a tad early).

Cheers to you! Let me know if you have recommendations!


About Brandy

Brandy Bruce is an award-winning author, editor, wife, mother, and someone who really loves dessert. She has a BA in English from Liberty University. She currently works as a freelance editor--reading, writing, editing, and making good use of online dictionaries. She's married to Jeff and has three beautiful children.

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  1. Yayyy! I love Christmas movies too! I watched White Christmas with Mom and Sydney on Thursday night…Fabulous I must say! You just put me in the mood for some hot chocolate! I also recommend While You Were Sleeping to that list!

  2. My siblings and I often watch non-Christmas movies just because they have a Christmas-related scene in them, too. Like the Die Hard series, and While You Were Sleeping. Love Actually is one of my favorite Christmas movies.

    I linked up to you in my blog post today – thought you might be interested in the Book Lovers’ Blog Hop (my post topic, as well as a book review).

    – Lauren

  3. Love Actually is my favorite! But, I am offended that Prancer isn’t on your list. I mean, come on, that is cinema at its best 🙂 I’m kidding, but I do have to watch it every year!

  4. Yes it’s a must! Totally corny but very cute.

  5. Hi Bran,
    I love reading your blog! I am so glad that you put The Nativity Story on your list! It is one of my favorites, too.
    I really enjoy reading your blog, Bran.
    You are such a blessing to me.
    Love, Dad
    P.S. Happy Thanksgiving! Hug Ashtyn for us…

  6. Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer is one of those classics I just have to mention. I liked it since I was a kid.
    I watch the Hallmark Channel a lot which airs some of the movies you’ve mentioned. I’d like to add a favorite of mine: The Christmas Card.

  7. Thanks for the list only having over the air TV we collect DVD’s and it fun to see what is on someone else’s list.


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