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Interview with Char Marie Adles

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So, my guest today is Char Marie Adles. She’s one of the most talented 17-year-olds I’ve ever met. She’s really active on the teen site InkPop–which is very cool and if you’ve never browsed it, I definitely recommend you take a look at all the creativity going on over there. I found a book cover on that site that I just fell in love with, and I tracked down the designer–Char! She designs amazing covers. Check out her blog of covers here. She was nice enough to agree to chat about her writing and design work.

BB: Hi Char! So, when did you become interested in writing and designing? What brought that on?

CA: Well, I became interested in writing in the 6th grade when I read a book called House of the Scorpio; it made me want to see what I could do.

BB: Tell me a little about InkPop and your involvement there.

CA: InkPop is a web site for young writers to post their books, short stories, etc., and let other people read them and leave comments on what they think. Also, if your book gets rated in the Top 5, you get a full review of your book from a HarperCollins editor! My book is ranked 22 out of thousands for the moment.

BB: Who are your favorite authors? Can you name a book (or books) that have made an impression on you or that have influenced you a lot?

CA: My favorite authors are Lynn Kurland, Mary Jo Puntey, and Terry Pertatchet. Each of their books gives me a different view on writing styles and they’ve shown me that no one is the same.

BB: Tell me about your book. Where did the inspiration come from? (See below photo of Char’s cover that she created.)

CA: My book Dance of the Desert Flower is acually the first in a three book series called Desert Flowers. It’s about a young sword dancer from a desert kingdom. Her name is Lys, and when she was little her parents were killed in the start of a war with the Northerners who are called Demons. She is a princess of the Old Royal Family from that kingdom, and she is the key to stopping the war. There is fantasy, adventure, magic, and a bit of twisted love in it, too.

My inspiration came from a random idea for a school paper that ran wild.

BB: What is your writing process? Begin with an outline? Surprised as you go? Start with the ending?

CA: As for my process, I like to keep a plan, but just writing and seeing where it goes is what I like to do best.

BB: What are your aspirations for the future?

CA: In the future I hope to be a writer/editor and maybe even an artist.

Thanks, Char! You can read Char’s book online here. She also has a really cool book trailer you can view here:


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  1. Wow. Talk about motivated and talented. That’s fantastic. I wish you all the best. Thanks for the interview.

  2. This is so interesting! I am quite intrigued at the creativity of someone my age. It is definitely inspiring. I wish you the best! : )

  3. Motivation is a sure driver for her. Great interview

  4. Char Marie Adles

    Thanks everyone! And yes as a young writer you need lots of motivation, time, and peace. I hope all goes well for me 🙂


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