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Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

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Seriously, I just finished reading the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and I have to tell you that it was awesome. Sort of like Lord of the Flies meets The Lottery. Sara had been telling me about it. I was hesitant to read it b/c it sounded like some book where the kids are all starved and neglected and abused and I have trouble reading that kind of thing and not being disturbed for days. But this book is all about this amazing girl who is so resourceful and smart and manages to hold on to her humanity even when placed in the Hunger Games (brutal, fight-to-the-death kind of game televised live). So I highly recommend this YA book. I’ve heard that Catching Fire (2nd book in the series) is just as good as the first, so I’m looking forward to reading that.

As for the book, Sara and I have been working hard on it. I think we’ve got clear direction on how to wrap up this first book. Once we do that, I’ll tweak the proposal and send it back to the agent to see what he thinks. I definitely think it’s a stronger book with the changes we’ve made. Btw–for all you HP lovers out there, did you see JK Rowling on Oprah yesterday? JK does so few interviews that I love just getting to hear her talk about the series and everything. A lot of it did seem to be basically 2 of the richest women in the world talking about how they deal with their super-wealthy lifestyles–not the most relatable material to cover, but there you have it. But it was great to hear JK talking about Harry and the fact that she’s leaving the door open for writing more about Harry. Whether or not she ever chooses to write about Harry again isn’t that important to me. I feel like Deathly Hallows was the perfect ending to the perfect series. But if she did decide to write Harry’s son’s story or something like that, wouldn’t it be fantastic? I keep hoping Stephenie Meyer will write Renesmee’s story and that it will actually surprise us and Renesmee won’t end up with Jacob. That series wrapped up way too neatly for me. We’ll see, I guess.

Thinking about the ending of Hunger Games and then thinking about Deathly Hallows and Breaking Dawn–it made me wonder about how authors go about creating the perfect ending. I think it must be pretty tricky to write an ending that the majority of people will find satisfying. Obviously, it’s impossible to make everyone happy, but I think it’s a cop-out to just say that and then move forward and create a horrible ending that makes readers furious. Obviously, lots of authors manage to write satisfying endings. On the other hand, do authors need to write in a way that they’re hoping to please their readers? This is complicated. Of course, an author needs to write the story in his or her head. But readers become a part of the story. Without them, you have characters who know one knows about. Characters sitting on a dusty shelf. So once you’ve got readers who follow you and trust you and believe in what you’re writing, to write without any concern for them at all feels wrong to me. It takes both writing the story in your head, and writing in a way that satisfies your audience. I’m not saying that’s easy. In fact, it sounds pretty difficult. But it can happen. Look at Deathly Hallows.  The Hunger Games had a perfect ending to a first-book-in-the-trilogy. You’ve become attached to the characters. The author has created a book with a satisfying ending, while still leaving the way clear for a second book in which we have no idea who the main character will end up with. Excellent. For Sara’s book, I can tell you that we’ve pretty much known how everything will end up from the very beginning. That doesn’t mean things can’t change. If we’re writing, and things start to unravel or things don’t seem to flow or characters who were meant to live now need to die–well, you roll with that and adapt. Whatever it takes to create an ending that’s the very best we can offer. It’s a fun process. 🙂

Well, it’s a lovely Saturday. It’s also time to buy a pumpkin for the doorstep. 🙂 Don’t you just love fall?


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  1. I loved The Hunger Games series….Mockingjay was awesome!!! I admit I have not read Harry Potter, Ive watched the movies and never got to reading the books…:D

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