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Birthday Week

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I’m not sure when Jeff and I came up with it, but somewhere along the way one of us (undoubtedly me) came up with the notion of having to celebrate the entire birthday week, rather than just the day. If you know me at all, you know I’m a sucker for a good cake. Seriously, I love birthday cake and ice cream. It’s one of life’s best delights. This year I even talked Jeff into getting me a cake before the actual day. I was craving cake so much that I told him I should be able to have it on my birthday eve. 🙂 Anyway, Friday is Jeff’s birthday. So he reminded me last night that his birthday week was beginning. What does this mean? Well, really just that he should be treated extra nicely all week. You may be over there thinking, you guys should be sweet to each other all the time. If you’re thinking this, I’m thinking you must not be in a relationship. If you are and you’re both nice to each other all the time, well, congrats. We’re nice to each other most of the time. But we’ve been together long enough to know that one or both of us will go through times of being moody, tired, annoyed, mad and so on.

So this morning I said “Happy Birthday Week!” and it begins. My sister is coming into town Wednesday. We’re super lucky that we’ll have a babysitter around, and Jeff and I can go on a date for his birthday. Fun! I can’t wait.

Jeff and I met around this time back in 1998. Isn’t that crazy? Forever ago. We started dating around early November of that year. This year makes 12 years we’ve been together. So we’ve been celebrating birthdays together for a while now. Last night we were just sitting and talking while Jeff was putting together this little table I bought for his office. And I’m really so thankful that we still like just being together. I am blessed to have such a great husband. I can’t think of even one year that he hasn’t been the best husband ever. That’s more than I could have wished for!


About Brandy

Brandy Bruce is an award-winning author, editor, wife, mother, and someone who really loves dessert. She has a BA in English from Liberty University. She currently works as a freelance editor--reading, writing, editing, and making good use of online dictionaries. She's married to Jeff and has three beautiful children.

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  1. we kinda celebrate our kid’s birthdays all week! 🙂

  2. Happy birthday and congrats on 12 years together. That’s all kinds of awesome!!!

    Have a great day.

    • Frankly speaking, I am not so fond with birthday celebration since I knew am not getting younger. However, for our friends what they want to see and share is our joy in celebrating birthday. Well, you describe it quite well in yr story about birthday Bruce, so congrats!

  3. Awesome blog, I hadn’t come across earlier during my searches!
    Carry on the excellent work!


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