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Bad Luck Part 2

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Okay, so let me just tell you about my day. Jeff’s in Broomfield till tomorrow and Laura’s here with me. So I came home after work to pick up Laura so we could pick up Ash from daycare together. We’re rushing out the door and I grab the car keys and step outside and close the front door. And at that moment, I realize that there isn’t a house key on the keyring. I panic, realizing I’ve locked Laura and I out of the house. Jeff’s too far away to help (and some of this was his fault, btw! He took the key without telling me!). Anyway, of course our garage door opener is one of those things that automatically breaks when I’m trying to use it. So, it’s not working. Laura and I have to leave to pick up Ash, but now the idea of coming home to live in our car is not the coolest. We pick up Ashtyn and stop by Target to buy new batteries for the garage door opener in the hope that it might start to work. So we come home and put in the new battery and nothing happens. So we sit there and I push the button over and over, in every direction possible, until Laura yells that the door moved! So we get the garage door open. Still, there’s the little thing about me having to find a way into our house. So, somehow (I’m still not sure how), I managed to get in. We’re saved.

The day is looking better now that that stressful ordeal is over. A little after four o’clock, Laura and I pack up Ashtyn and drive to Little Caesars to pick up a pizza. We get there and I reach for my purse, and suddenly it hits me that I took my wallet out and left it on the counter at home. Perfect. We have driven all the way over here and have zero dollars. The stress and frustration have returned in full force. So we drive home again. We get my wallet, drive all the way back and then come home again with a pizza.

By the way, just as a side note, while we were sitting in the driveway, Laura and I turned around in time to see Ashtyn shake out all the apple juice from her sippy cup and then rub it all over her legs with a huge smile on her face. Covering herself in any sort of beverage is one of her favorite things. Saying “no” and “go away” are also some of her favorite things. The other day we were driving around and Ash was in the backseat just practicing saying “no” and “go away.”  She’s got those words down pat.

Anyway, this day is finally ending. 

P.S. Laura wants me to tell you about the other night even though I don’t feel it’s necessary. So she was hearing strange noises around 1:00 in the morning a couple of days ago. The motion detector light kept coming on as well. So she was freaked out enough to come and wake me up.

Let me tell you two things about me: One, when I sleep, it’s like I’m in a coma. Two, I’m super jumpy when people wake me up. I don’t know why, but there you have it. I remember one of  my roomates in college being very gentle and soothing when she would try to wake me up, after she realized I basically wake up gasping and terrified. So, anyway, it’s 1 am and I’m in a coma. Laura is in my room, saying my name. I wake up and see the shadow of a person and scream like I’m in a horror movie. Then I scream Jeff’s name to wake him up to save us from certain death. Laura, at this point, runs into the living room and literally falls on the floor laughing. Jeff (who has been in this situation more than once, unfortunately) is trying to calm me down.

After this hilarious (not to me) situation has passed, we send Jeff outside to make sure there are no shady people anywhere. Jeff, btw, is also used to checking out our surroundings in the middle of the night. When we were first married, the poor guy had to go make sure no one else was in our apartment all the time. So he’s always a good sport about this. This is all new to Laura, however. I told her that if she gets freaked out again to just call me and I’ll come to her room as soon as I’m calm. 🙂


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