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You know how I’ve told you that something about me breaks all electronic, mechnical-type things? Yeah. I’m sad to say that it’s still happening. So the unbearable heat prompted us to buy a portable air conditioner. It’s the kind that stands up on its own and is basically wonderful and cools off everything. That was 10 days ago. Yesterday, something loud started to sound like it was crashing, then we rushed over to the AC and just listened as it sounded like it was eating up its insides. So, it’s broken.

10, days people!! Some of these kinds of things last forever! You can buy window units on Craigslist that are years and years old! Ours didn’t last 2 weeks. And then, Sears didn’t want to exchange it for all kinds of ridiculous reasons. So, we just decided to get our money back, and again asked ourselves why these things happen to us. Jeff couldn’t handle it so last night he went and bought a new one from Lowe’s. It’s in the living room and I’m hoping it lasts at least until we move from this house.

So Kelsey came over the other day and we had lunch together and were talking about where we are in our lives and how we feel about that and what accomplishments are still important to us. I’m finding that my priorities are shifting somewhat as I get older. I started writing stories when I was in the sixth grade. I remember this because it’s when Michelle and I started writing a series about twin girls (nonrelated lookalikes) who liked two guys (named after the guys we liked at the time). Also in sixth grade, I was basically obsessed with reading the Babysitters Club (which went on for forever even though the girls never go past middle school!) and the Elizabeth Gail series. In middle school, my friend Dana introduced me to Robin Jones Gunn’s Christy Miller series. I would read that series over and over and never get tired of it. Then I started reading Cedar River Daydreams by Judy Baer. So I’ve basically been a book-lover for as long as I can remember. My very first year out of high school, I went to this school in Longview, TX. I didn’t stay there for longer than a year and it’s really a time in my life where I felt like I was in a dark place. It wasn’t who I am and it was an uncomfortable place to be at if you didn’t believe in everything going on around you. It was a confusing time for me. Anyway, while I was there I started writing a story. It was basically an escape for me and I realized how much I liked writing. That story helped me get through that year.

So, while I was in college, I started to get the feeling that writing as a profession isn’t the easiest business to break into. I loved reading so much that I knew I wanted to work in the book business as my career. I started to think about being an editor and it was an idea that really clicked with me. I thought it was something I would love to do. So I became an editor and really, it’s absolutely what I love doing. Working with authors is so fun and helping them present their message in the best way possible is very satisfying. Taking books apart, like puzzles, and then putting them back together is great fun for anyone who wants to be an editor. 😉

Back to me and Kelsey though. We were talking about how we’re turning 31 this year and what sorts of things do we really want to accomplish for ourselves before we have more kids and life turns into carpools and soccer tournaments. It’s not that you can’t keep doing things for yourself when you have kids, but it does change. Because parents sacrifice for their kids. It just happens, and in some ways it happens naturally and it doesn’t even feel like a sacrifice because you love them so much.

I always had sort of an unwritten list of things I wanted to accomplish by the time I was 30. It’s probably a common list. I wanted to have gone to Europe. To graduate college and start my career. To get married and have a baby. I went to Europe the summer before I graduated college. After I graduated, I got married and then got a job being an editor.  I turned 29 right after Ashtyn was born.  

So, I’d always wanted to write a book, too. That’s not on the list, but it was there somewhere. I think it became less important to me as I found my career very fulfilling and I had Ashtyn, who I feel is my greatest accomplishment. But Kelsey and I were talking about how if there are things that we really want to do, we should probably work on those now, before life gets even more chaotic.  The thing about writing a book is that anyone can do it. Not just anyone can get published by a traditional house. But anyone can write a book and publish it themselves. This is an attainable dream for anyone who’s always wanted to write. So if I want to be able to look back and say I wrote a book, then I should.

I feel so blessed by God for my life. The most important things to me are having a happy home and a happy family and being in a good marriage. As I get older, those things become more and more important to me and other things become less. But that’s no reason not to still go after things we want to do. Jeff and I have all sorts of goals for the two of us–but they’re not the kind of goals that will devastate us if they don’t come to fruition. There are some things that mean so much to you, it’s more than a goal, it’s a really heartfelt wish. If I never write a book, I’m okay. Those heartfelt wish things for me already live next to me in my house and mean more than anything to me. But writing a book has always been in the back of my mind as something I’d love to do. So–I want to say that I’m going to do this before I’m 32. Even if it’s something I write and publish by myself, like I said, it’s an attainable goal, if I want it to be.  

Sara and I have been working on this book of ours together. And knowing we’re going to publish it no matter what is so exciting for both of us. Doing it together is really so fun. (Sara, are you reading this? We have to finish before I’m 32!! Clock is ticking!)

So stay tuned, people!


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Brandy Bruce is an award-winning author, editor, wife, mother, and someone who really loves dessert. She has a BA in English from Liberty University. She currently works as a freelance editor--reading, writing, editing, and making good use of online dictionaries. She's married to Jeff and has three beautiful children.

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