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Goodbye green bowl–you were so cute.

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Broken bowl. Baby oatmeal all over the floor. Mad mommy.

That’s all I have to say about that.

So here is the truth about me: I feel like my hair has been the same length for about a year now. It could just be me, but I’m pretty sure it’s not getting any longer. My hair is a sensitive issue to begin with. That’s how it is when you’ve got two sisters with amazingly gorgeous hair and you have hair that may or may not be growing.

Anyway, coming to this realization hasn’t helped but I’m at least going to keep an eye on the situation.

So I know I should write posts that are about important things–but doing too much of that makes me feel like the sky is falling so I can only do it in small doses. So, tonight we talk about hair. 🙂

Here’s something I know for a fact: Girls with hair as dark as mine shouldn’t really get highlights–unless they’re rock stars or something cool like that. So in college, I went through this phase of wanting my hair to be highlighted. My roommate dyed her hair different colors and it looked like fun and I’d never done anything like that to my hair before. So I went to get highlights. Here’s a word to the wise: don’t use hairdressers who are wearing hats. If they’re hiding their own hair, be worried.

Did you know that bad highlight jobs on girls with borderline-black hair can end up looking like bananas sprouting from someone’s head? I didn’t know this either until the day I got my hair highlighted.

So there’s my one hair story for you today. 🙂

So listen, Sara and I have been working on the book all weekend! And it looks like we’ve finished part 1 of book 1. (There are 2 parts, obviously.) I think it’s coming along great. My hope is to have book 1 finished by the end of the summer. It’s possible. You know, I was reading this article online the other day–it was an interview with Stephenie Meyer (Twilight). She was talking about Midnight Sun, basically Twilight from Edward’s perspective. People are always hoping she’ll finish it but it’s on hold indefinitely. Here’s what she said, though, about the way she writes:

“I have to be in the zone to write any story, and trying to force myself into that zone is a waste of time, I’ve found. I’ll get back to Midnight Sun when the story is compelling to me again. Just because people want it so badly does not make it more write-able; kind of the opposite, actually. I need to be alone with a story to write, and Midnight Sun feels really crowded, if you know what I mean.

People write for different reasons. I have always written to make myself happy. If I’m enjoying a story, feeling the creativity flow, engrossed in a world, then I write and I write fast. If I’m not into it, I can’t write. I’ve never been someone who writes on demand and I can’t imagine working that way.”

I think that whole “in the zone” style of writing is probably true for a lot of people. The idea of needing to be alone with your characters, alone with the story. (Of course there’s that little thing called deadlines . . .) She also says somewhere how she always knew Bella would end up with Edward. I think that’s also pretty typical. But don’t you think it’s interesting when characters sort of take on a life of their own and go in directions you hadn’t planned? I’ve read that Stephen King writes no less than 10 pages every day, even on holidays. I have to wonder if he feels inspired every time he writes (that’s a lot of inspired words) or if writing is such a natural part of who he is, he just needs to do it. I think being in the zone works in a couple of ways. Can you create your own atmosphere that contributes to you “being in the zone”? For example, if you’re a mom who has about a million things to do–and you also love to write–and you find you can steal about an hour in the morning just for you . . . well, then you know that you’ve got to get into the zone during that hour or you’ll never have time to write. It takes time and incentive to write, of course. But if you’re passionate about writing, it’s not a drudgery. I think Stephenie’s saying that you’ve got to be passionate about what you’re writing (or at least interested), or nothing comes to you and it becomes less like something you enjoy doing and more like something you have to do (which isn’t usually as fun).

But you’ve also got to be committed to what you’re doing. That’s where deadlines come in. You may suddenly feel a lack of inspiration, but then again, you’ve got a deadline telling you to come up with something. That’s not a terrible thing. And lots of times, what you come up with may just be better than you think. Or it’s terrible, but at least you tried.


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