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Feb 8, 2003

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So, Jeff and I were married 7 years ago on February 8th. It feels like a long time ago. It was a long time ago, I suppose. But it’s been a really good 7 years. We got married in Texas. We went to Hawaii. We lived in Virginia. We went on a Caribbean cruise. We moved to Colorado. We went to Disneyland. We bought a house. We sold a house. We went white water rafting lots of times. We had family and friends come visit.  We had a baby.  . . . all good things.

As far as our own story goes, we met in the alley between our jobs in Conroe, TX. I’m not sure that sounds romantic, but there you have it. 🙂 I worked at a title company, and Jeff worked for the furniture store behind the building I worked in.  We also came to realize we had mutual friends. Jeff’s best friend Larry was engaged to Colleen, a friend of mine who worked at another branch office and went to the same church that I did. Eventually, Colleen began to tell me what a great guy Jeff was and that I should go out with him.

So one day (in the alley) he did ask me out and I said yes. Now understand that I worked with about four much older women in my office and we all talked about this upcoming date constantly until I felt like maybe I should have said no. (Jeff loves to remind me of this terrible part of the story.) So I was staying with my best friend Michelle much of the time during those days b/c she lived closer to my work. Anyway, the day I was supposed to have lunch with Jeff, I chickened out. I called him and told him that Michelle had a spider bite and I had to go and be with her. Now, I’m aware that it’s unbelievable I said this. In my defense, Michelle did have a spider bite! I promise! Jeff skips over that part when he tells the story and focuses in on the fact that I cancelled our date at the last minute for the most ridiculous reason he’d ever heard of–and the guys at the furniture store were merciless about it.

Anyway, after a while, I began to think that I did want to get to know him a little better. So I told him that I’d like to have lunch and he was nice enough to go along with it. So, we planned to meet at Tejas during our lunch breaks. Let me just tell you that Jeff is normally a kind of quiet guy. But at lunch, he just opened up and told me a lot about himself and just came across very sincere. We talked for such a long time that I was late to my orthodontist appointment afterward. Okay, I’m also aware that sounds funny. But I was only 19 and I had braces!

We’ve basically been together since that day. We went through some ups and downs like everybody does, but for the better part of the last 11 years, we’ve been a couple.  Our first official date was to his friend Tab’s wedding. You know, the kind of date where you actually ride in the same vehicle.  Well, a year to the day after that first date, Jeff proposed to me. I said yes. (He also likes to remind me that I paused and didn’t say anything until he held up the ring high enough for me to see it. It was dark and we were outside!)

We were engaged for a long time. About three and a half years. I finished college in December of 2002, and then we were married in February of 2003. And it was the right time for us. By the time we got married, I think we knew each other better than most people do after being married for a year! We were really ready and I think that shows in the fact that the past 7 years have been so great. We never had a hard time adjusting to our new life together. I guess we’d worked through the frustrating stuff during those previous three and a half years.

So, that’s our story. Spider bites and all. Jeff and Brandy . . . Happily Ever After.


About Brandy

Brandy Bruce is an award-winning author, editor, wife, mother, and someone who really loves dessert. She has a BA in English from Liberty University. She currently works as a freelance editor--reading, writing, editing, and making good use of online dictionaries. She's married to Jeff and has three beautiful children.

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  1. Fun this story has a new twists each time I hear it:)-… aha! I didn’t know about Michelle’s spider bite bit of it…I think Its cute – The ‘Alley’….


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