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I’m glad the weekend’s here. Really, I am. It’s just not going great quite yet. I thought Jeff wasn’t going to work today, but he is. Ashtyn is on a diet or something. She will NOT eat. Very frustrating for me. I end up giving her pudding just so she’ll eat something. We rented a movie last night that wasn’t all that great, which makes me feel like it was a waste of time (because I could have been watching a better movie). Ash didn’t sleep well at all, which means Jeff and I were up and unhappy. And that usually carries over into the next day. Now our other remote control is being difficult. And I think I need to mop the floor for the . . . I forget how many times I’ve done it this week. Ugh.

Anyway, Friday was good. It was a team-bonding day at work so we went to the movies and saw The Blind Side, which was sooo good. Except I was trying not to weep uncontrollably in front of everyone and that can be distracting. Then we came to my house and had lunch. This was fine but I was a teeny bit worried about serving coffee. You have to serve coffee whenever you have company, but I’m not the greatest at this. Really. It never turns out the same way for me, so it’s just such a gamble, but I have to do it. Anyway, no one died or anything, so it must have been okay.

Oh! Listen to this, so  the other night I went over to Kelsey’s and we watched Julie and Julia (which is so not a waste of time). And then it was my turn Thursday to take her dinner (you know, the post baby thing). And I thought it would be fun to make her beef bourguignon (I may or may not be spelling that right; I know I can’t say it right)–which is an important aspect of the movie. So I bought all the ingredients and cooked it–but I made it in the crock pot b/c whenever I cook meat in the oven it ends up being too tough. Here’s great news: It turned out really well! Kelsey loved it! And it wasn’t that hard to make, which means I have a new meal to add to my small lists of meals I’m able to cook when I have company. 🙂  This is a very positive thing.

I will share the recipe with you b/c it’s slightly easier than Julia Child’s recipe, and who has time to do the harder one when you could be doing the easier one? Right. So, here it is:

All right. Well, we’re supposed to be celebrating our anniversary today instead of Monday–but I’m not sure I’m feeling it. We’ll see. I did find a really cool restaurant that I want us to go to, so I’ll report on that after.

Superbowl party at Joanna’s tomorrow. I’m not really a football fan (at all), but it seems like everyone has to make an exception when it comes to the superbowl. And going to Joanna’s will be great, so I’m really looking forward to that. You know how some of the commercials have stirred up all kinds of (ridiculous) controversy lately?  Yeah, so I’m excited to finally get to see the commercial that everyone’s complaining about (but that no one’s actually seen! Give me a break.) I have a feeling it’ll be better than most people expect.

Adios for now.


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Brandy Bruce is an award-winning author, editor, wife, mother, and someone who really loves dessert. She has a BA in English from Liberty University. She currently works as a freelance editor--reading, writing, editing, and making good use of online dictionaries. She's married to Jeff and has three beautiful children.

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  1. Brandy,
    Forgive me for being nosey but I just looked at every single one of your cute-ness pictures in your photo stream. Your family is beautiful. We just moved to Reidsville, NC which is less than 2 hrs from Liberty. I’m anxious to get on campus and check it out in hopes that some of the teens at our church will consider it as an option. I enjoyed your blog and look forward to reading more.


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