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I’m missing my yellow shoes this morning. No idea where they are but they’re not the only things missing. You know, when you move, it sometimes takes a while to discover all the stuff that’s in the abyss of unpacked things. Like the other day I wanted to wear these boots I love–until I realized that I haven’t seen those boots in months and they’ve got to be packed somewhere. And my motivation to find them sort of fades when there are other (maybe not as cool) shoes sitting right there on the floor. We’re not unpacking everything. As much as I love the new place we’re in, this is just a rental and we might be moving next fall. Why would I want to unpack everything when I know I might have to pack again in less than a year? Btw–I hate the process of moving, so it is possible we’ll extend our stay here for a while. I’m sort of hoping for that.

Anyway, the yellow shoes thing is bothering me so I might at least browse through a few boxes. So here’s the truth about me: I am loving the Vampire Academy series so much that I’m already on book 3. You know what I love about YA fiction? It’s so easy to read. And when you practically read for a living the way that I do–escape reading is just wonderful. Easy, entertaining, and not something I need to think about for days to understand (although, the fact that so far I’m not seeing any vampires actually drinking blood is confusing). So I’m on Shadow Kiss at the moment. The interesting thing about this series is the fact that in it lots of the kids are actually Orthodox Christians and talk to a priest and everything, and there’s this history of a St. Somebody who was a vampire, I think. I’m also a really big fan of historical fiction so I love these kinds of tie-ins. That’s one reason why I loved Blue Bloods so much. There’s all this mysterious history from back during the Mayflower days that is just so cool.

So in the book Sara and I are writing, she’s the expert researcher (yay! I’m not a huge fan of research and she’s great at it)–and she’s just amazing at finding all these weird things in history that work perfectly well with our plot. I love it. Btw–for YA historical fiction, Ann Rinaldi is incredible. I also like Siri Mitchell’s new historical fiction and Liz Curtis Higgs is great. And I read this book A Prisoner of Versailles (Darkness to Light Saga) a few months ago that was really good. Just a few FYIs for the book-lovers among us.

Well, I’m waiting for Ashtyn to wake up, then we’re going to Castle Rock. I am hoping she’ll be in a good mood for the drive, but that would be out of character for her. Still, I can hope.


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