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Sleepless nights

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Guess who was watching TV at 3:30 this morning? Me and Ashtyn. And let me tell you this–it was not my idea! Ash was crying and crying and pointing at the TV so we watched infomercials. From 3:30 on, she kept waking up and crying. In fact, she cried so much she sounds hoarse today. My 17 month old is hoarse. This is sad. I looked down her throat with a flashlight and it looks like she has a bad sore throat.

Is it okay to give 17 month old’s ice cream? I’m not sure. Well, I’m pretty sure it’s okay for me to give my 17 month old ice cream. She’s definitely a fan of dessert. Maybe it will help her throat feel better. I mean, she’s the kind of 17 month old who points to the TV and yells until it’s turned on. (She is so my child.)

Needless to say, Jeff and I are pretty tired today. However, if I’ve learned one thing, it’s that you can live on less sleep than you think possible. Maybe it’s not the best way to live, but you can still do it.

Gotta run. I’ll get back to you. I just heard her bedroom door slam shut which is my cue to run to her quickly. 🙂


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Brandy Bruce is an award-winning author, editor, wife, mother, and someone who really loves dessert. She has a BA in English from Liberty University. She currently works as a freelance editor--reading, writing, editing, and making good use of online dictionaries. She's married to Jeff and has three beautiful children.

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