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Well, Christmas is over. I can’t believe it. Now on to New Years and all those resolutions I will be following through with. (I WILL be following through. Please remind me of this.)  This fantastic picture was taken on Christmas Eve, before the big day. We did have a really great holiday this year. It was at my aunt’s in Texas, which was so fun. And my dad ended up driving down and surprising us all and that was the best thing of all. Such a good surprise. I seriously have a great family. And we were all together and it was wonderful. Now we’re all over the place again–Texas, Virginia, Colorado–sigh. Very sad. But! Christmas was just what it should be, fantastic.

And I got to see lots of friends of mine from high school and I’m happy to say that we all look the same (not old and motherly and such. Not that motherly is bad–it’s just not what I’m rushing toward, you know?).  At least, we all think we look the same! 🙂 On Christmas Day my sisters and my dad and I went to see A Christmas Carol. Let me tell you that I don’t recommend it. It’s like something that should release for Halloween instead of Christmas.

Anyway, I got lots of vampire books, so it looks like vampire books will definitely need to be a priority on my reading list this year. I will be putting that list together and posting it soon. Okay–highlights of Christmas: seeing Sara so excited because I got her Return to Oz and watching Belina cluck when we turned it on, seeing Christmas lights while LAURA was driving, my dad coming through the door and all of us running to him, getting to watch my family see how adorable Ashtyn is and seeing Ashtyn learn to blow kisses, eating the best Christmas cookies EVER, watching Julie and Julia with Sara and eating more cheese and crackers than you would think possible, talking with Laura for forever on our first night back in Texas, talking with Stacey, my mom babysitting Ashtyn, eating Chinese food with Michelle, lunch in The Woodlands with friends, watching Star Trek with Dale,  seeing Mimi hold Ashtyn, hearing my marine cousin admit to us that he’s read Twilight–it was just a memorable trip; there are really too many good moments to mention.

Okay. Not so great highlights of the trip: flying to Houston with Ashtyn who would NOT stop moving and being loud, kicking us, trying to get down, (think of Jeff finally crawling out of the middle of the row so he could stand up with Ashtyn at the back of the plane, then hearing the seatbelt sign click on as soon as he got back there), creepy version of A Christmas Carol,  Ashtyn throwing up EVERYWHERE in our room and poor Nemo having to help scrub the bed and wash sheets, flying back to Denver while sitting next to a super large man who hates children. It would not matter to me that he’s large, it’s just that I couldn’t lower the armrest and so while I’m trying to keep Ashtyn from touching him and annoying him even more, I’m trying to plaster myself to Jeff at the same time. Also, he’s the kind of person who makes rude comments under his breath that we can all hear. He was just not the best person for us to sit by. And he was ordering Jack and Coke as soon as he could. (Well, I probably would have too if I could, but still, I could just see that this wasn’t going to be a good flight.)

This was possibly the last time we’ll fly with Ashtyn. I can’t promise, but I think it would be a good decision.

I suppose that’s all for now. I’ll write out a few more resolutions by Friday. And let me just tell you that Sara and I were able to brainstorm for our book series and I really think we’ll finish Book 1 this spring. Stay tuned. It will be fabulous. 🙂

Goodbye, Christmas, see you next year.


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Brandy Bruce is an award-winning author, editor, wife, mother, and someone who really loves dessert. She has a BA in English from Liberty University. She currently works as a freelance editor--reading, writing, editing, and making good use of online dictionaries. She's married to Jeff and has three beautiful children.

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  1. Jennifer Rodriguez

    It was wonderful being able to visit with you and your sweet family. I am sorry that the flight home was as dreadful as you figured it would be. 😦 I love you and thank you so much for coming to visit us.


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