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Coughing Kids

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So I went to pick up Ash today at daycare. She’s had a bad cold for forever and is finally doing better after having been out of daycare for several days. But anyway, it’s naptime every time I pick her up. And I’ve become used to walking into the room and seeing tiny little tots on tiny little mattresses, asleep all over the room. It’s super cute really. However, there’s always one child sitting straight up on her mattress and staring at all the other sleeping children. Yes, that would be my daughter. Every time! Anyway, I went in to get her today and–yes, she’s sitting up while everyone else is asleep–there’s another little girl fast asleep on her own mattress, holding Ashtyn’s teddy bear and coughing all over it. So not cool. And despite everything, Ash seems to be coming down with another cold. I know this is just part of daycare and everything. But I went right over and plucked our teddy bear from the other girl and the lady there said she’d clean it right away–since she and I were both standing there listening to the other little one coughing. Ash also had a mysterious pacifier in her mouth that I’ve never seen before. I am HOPING it was a clean, extra one they gave her. But that will remain a mystery.

It was 15 degrees outside today! I’m serious! Do you know how cold that is? It’s freezing. It’s just super cold. We had snow for a bit this morning then just freezing cold weather. This is the first year in a long time I’ve had a fireplace and I’ve been so excited to use it. However, the outside of it gets SO hot and Ashtyn is so untrustworthy when it comes to touching things she shouldn’t, that even when it’s 15 degrees outside, I have to wait till Ash is asleep at night to turn on the fireplace. Sigh. It’s a good thing she’s the absolute cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. 

Anyway, I am fully in Christmas shopping mode. I’m one of those people who loves to make lists of what I’m getting everybody. My sister asked me today what Jeff is getting me, and I told her that I just sort of buy presents for myself while I’m out and tell him that they are to me from him. But everyone likes a surprise gift (of course, if it’s something they like). So I’m thinking I need to tell Jeff that he and I are required to buy one surprise gift each for one another. This sounds like an exciting plan. But sometimes these plans that sound good end up stressing Jeff out way more than when I just go shopping and come home and give him my presents to wrap. So I’ll give this a little more thought.

I’ll be in touch.

Oh! Resolution #3. Begin taking vitamins on a regular basis. (Osteoporosis commercials really scare me.)


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