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So we woke up to snow outside this morning. I know it should put me in the holiday spirit. In fact, I’m usually in the holiday spirit by about August. But I’m just not feeling it yet over here. Maybe it’s the knowledge that Ash will shake a Christmas tree like she does our lamps and climb it like she climbs everything else. I’m not sure a tree is a good idea. But what’s Christmas without a tree?

Sara mentioned yesterday that they were watching Christmas in Conneticut and putting up a small tree and that made me realize how close we are to Thanksgiving. It doesn’t look like we’re going home this year. Well, since my parents are moving, home is up in the air at the moment. I think we’ll all manage to be together for Christmas though. Which is nice. I want everyone to get to see Ashtyn playing with toys and shaking lamps and climbing couches.

I probably just need to listen to my favorite Christmas CDs and buy a Christmas candle or something. Ashtyn’s had earaches for weeks now, so maybe the lack of sleep in our house is also contributing to the delay of holiday spirit.

I’m sure it will get here eventually.


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