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We’re going today to look,yet again, forAshtyn a house. As I’ve mentioned, driving with Ash is what some would call   ……what’s the word? Oh, right. NIGHTMARE. I’m attaching a photo of her asleep in the car. Yes, I stopped and took a picture because it was such a rare thing. She won’t look like that today. But that’s how I will look even from the beginning of the trip.

Can I just tell you that there seem to be a lot of people working for oil companies in South Africa? Hmm. That’s what I thought too. Yeah, so I’m finding that lots of the people who post rental houses on Craigslist are shipping off to Africa. Sounds sketchy to me. I’ve been getting those “Send me your deposit and I’ll mail you the key (from Africa) and you’ll get a full refund if you don’t like the house.”  Seriously, would anyone really do that? I hope not. Anyway, so today we’re going to walk through at least three real, yes real, rental homes that are possibilities for us.

Can I also just tell you that Ashtyn and I are in this sick cycle? She has a cold that won’t go away and I keep catching it. Cold medicine is becoming a part of my daily routine, like Diet Dr Pepper or something. If you were here, you’d hear me sniffling.

So, the house hunt continues. Oh! Jeff’s birthday was this week. I made him this reeses peanut butter cup cheesecake that was, I must say, fantastic. I think I’ll post a picture and the recipe later. I tried to make it once before and it just didn’t turn out right. But this time, it turned out just as I ‘d hoped.

Okay, I’m feeling cloudy and Ashtyn’s lullaby music is actually putting me to sleep now. Gotta run.


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Brandy Bruce is an award-winning author, editor, wife, mother, and someone who really loves dessert. She has a BA in English from Liberty University. She currently works as a freelance editor--reading, writing, editing, and making good use of online dictionaries. She's married to Jeff and has three beautiful children.

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